Screen Space Global Illumination for Blender Eevee - Native and Addon versions

Trailer (Addon version): (new) version:SSGI implemented as a modified screen space reflections shader in a custom Blender build that has a secondary layer for diffuse reflections. Both SSR layer settings are consolidated under "Screen Space Raytracing" in Eevee render settings. Warning - current builds are based on on experimental Blender builds and it is not recommended to save over files without backup due to potential data loss. Native updates:SSGI Native 1.0 First version of native SSGI implementation in a Blender 2.93 alpha build.SSGI Native 1.1 Compatible with newer master. Fixed translucent shader.SSGI Native 1.11 Fixed diffuse input not being masked by metallic in Principled BSDF. (Issue introduced in 1.1)SSGI Native 1.12 Fixed glossy input being skipped when no SSR present - globally or per node. Fixed some alpha issues. Fixed SSGI settings being reset on every file open.Addon (old) version:Addon for Blender that converts Diffuse an